How a Dog Park Will Directly Benefit My Community

The League City Dog Park Association is made up of your neighbors and we understand your concerns.

Added Traffic? The great thing about a dog park is that there is not a mad rush at specific hours of the day for its use. Dog park usage is a slow, steady trickle throughout the day. This makes it less likely for vandalism and park nuisances.

Bad dogs? The dog park community is very self-policing. We make it a priority to create a community within the park. We watch for owners who are not responsible with their dogs. In the situation that a dog is too aggressive towards another dog or person they are immediately asked to leave and their future visits are monitored to ensure proper behavior.

Loud noises? We, as owners don’t enjoy our dogs being overly talkative so we can promise you we will be responsible dog owners. However, dog parks are meant for fun and to encourage play! After all, you wouldn’t expect children to be silent on a playground, would you?

  1. Dog parks have proven to raise the resell rate of a property. According to over the last 4 years, in the Houston area, a dog park near a home for sale has been the number one amenity to new buyers. 

  2. National Parks and Recreation studies prove that Dog Parks lessen the chance of owners letting their dogs off leash in public areas, cutting down on dog nuisance, lost dogs and accidents.

  3. Dog Parks provide great opportunities for dog community activities. Across the United States, dog parks are used by schools to teach dog safety to children. They are used by the senior citizens living in retirement communities to enjoy the outdoors and socialize with dogs as well as their owners. Dog parks are also being utilized by wounded veteran programs to help vets rehabilitate.

  4. The senior Citizens community and disabled community benefits significantly from a dog park. Not only do they get to exercise their dog in a way that doesn’t require physical exertion but they also get to socialize with those in the community. Often times, seniors and those that are disabled, are not able to take their dogs for a walk but the benefit of a dog park allows them to sit safely on a bench or at a picnic table while their dogs socializes and get necessary exercise.

  5. According to the National Parks and Recreation studies, dogs who frequent dog parks have better attitudes.

  6. A dog park allows dogs to learn to socialize with other dogs resulting in less aggression towards other dogs.

  7. Dog parks allow for necessary exercise. Not only does this make for a healthier pet but dogs who are active practice less destructive behaviors such as barking, chewing and aggression. A tired dog is a good dog.

  8. Dog parks are not just for dogs! It provides a great community for like-minded people. Fellow dog owners make friends, give each other advice and create relationships over a common bond.

  9. Studies by the National parks and Recreation prove that the addition of a dog park is great for cutting back problems in the area such as vandalism. Because a dog park is used throughout the day, parks who have created a dog area have experienced less vandalism and graffiti.

                                               Dog parks are not just for dogs!

  1. Are you and your family looking to adopt a dog and don’t know what breed is the right fit for you? You are encouraged to spend time at the dog park with dogs and their owners. We are happy to help provide information and advice.

  2. Want to teach your children dog safety but don’t have a dog? You are welcome to spend time at the dog park. We are a very open and inviting community and would love to help you.